Monday, June 30, 2008

Like a knot on a log

We are fully into summer break and already just sitting around the house like a knot on a log. So, we made up a "Things To Do List" last week. Jacob and I brainstormed the many wonderful things that he can do alone when I'm busy with housework or Eli, things he can do with Eli, and things he can do if a grown-up is available. The list is a long one. I'm hoping it prevents the sitting around the house and the "I'm bored" syndrome.

Some of the things we included were playing a board game, reading, writing a story or journal entry, pushing Eli in the swing, playing with legos, reading a book to Eli, coloring/drawing, practicing guitar, playing basketball, completing a worksheet (oh yes, the teacher in me is still alive and kicking), completing chores, playing with action figures, and the list goes on. Here are some pictures of what we did last week!
Jacob created this awesome lego construction

We went swimming at Mema's

We made microwave Smore's

What are your favorite things to do in the summer with your kiddos and what are your kiddos' favorite things to do by themselves?


Dougherty Family said...

Legos are real big here at our house. It amazes me the creations Wooten comes up with. Anna Gracen found a cool website They have a printshop where you can design and print your own bookmarks, posters, stickers and door hangers. You can choose from Star Wars, Indiana Jones, etc.
The kids also like to ride their bikes.
Maybe Jacob could take some pics of his choice and come up with a blog entry. (He would think it's fun, but we know it's also educational. I love seeking educational in.)
Have fun!!
Amanda, Wooten, Anna Gracen & Christian

Mary & Iain Burnett said...

Water balloons fights, making a tent in the living room, freezing Kool Aid or soda in a plastic cup for a slushy later in the day, painting with watercolors, catching lightning bugs at night (freeing them though!). Hope all is well!

The Graham's said...

Jacob, I love the lego creation! We love Legos too. I like to put my kids to work if I can. If you need to paint, you could section off a wall or unhinge a door that needs a white coat, and have him paint it. I have also given my kids random pieces of scrap wood to hammer together to construct something and then paint it. My kids love to spray paint ANYTHING. The only problem with giving them projects or "jobs" is that he might start asking for money. I know my kids have!

林曉培Maggie said...