Friday, July 31, 2009

Silly sounds!

This kid is too funny for words!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sloan Family Vacation

We just returned from vacationing with Matt's family at Lake Anna in Virginia. We had an awesome time! There were 15 of us including seven kids ranging in age from one year to 10 years old. We spent lots of time eating, talking, playing, relaxing, and catching up. We don't get to see them very often because of the distance that separates us, but being together this past week was certainly a great time!! Here are a few pictures of the fun.

Since we were already in VA we took the opportunity to meet a "bloggy friend" who lives nearby. I've been friends with Amy for about two years now, but we've never met in person. Last Saturday, we met at a restaurant with our boys (Andy, her hubby, was busy helping some of their friends move, so we missed him) and got to sit down and actually talk face to face. It was wonderful to finally meet her and spend some time together. Matt took a picture for us!

Hope you're having as much fun as we are this summer!!

Monday, July 27, 2009


Prayers for Stellan

Things are not looking so good for little Stellan! Please join me in prayer for him and his family as they continue to trust in the Lord!
You can find out his story on the family's blog at My Charming Kids.
You can find out up to the minute details at his mom's Twitter account here.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Super-saver shopping!

It's Kids Exchange time again. Believe it or not, I drove home from vacation to shop the sale--it truly saves us that much money. Since I came home alone, I shopped the sale alone for the first time. Boy, did I miss the help of my hubby!! I was able to get Eli's entire winter wardrobe, including shoes and outerwear. It's a little harder to shop for Jacob at consignment sales. Boys his age tend to be harder on clothes, so there aren't as many to choose from. I was able to snag 3 pairs of jeans, some great shirts, and a fleece for him!

Even with our wagon, it was difficult for me to haul everything without Matt. We typically shop with our stroller and a cart which is the space; so, I didn't get as many toys as usual. I did get a couple of good deals. I purchased this Bounce and Spin Zebra for $10 and a Noah's Ark for $3 (I think the amazon price is so high because the toy is now considered a collectible). I also got this garage and ramp toy for $4.

All totaled, I got 47 items for $157.

Not too bad, not too bad at all!!!

So, if you're local, you might want to check it out. Kids Exchange runs through Sunday!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Long time, no blog!

Sorry about the lack of posts recently, but we've been busy around here. Eli and I just took an impromptu trip to PA with Mema and PaPa to visit PaPa's family. It was a quick visit, but fun. We really enjoyed being able to see Aunt Linda and Erik, and Nanny. We had so much fun, we decided to bring Nanny back to Mema and PaPa's house to visit for a little while. Here are some pictures we took while we were there. Some were taken at the monument at the top of Nanny's street. The plaque says it's there to commemorate the first women's college. Other pictures were taken at a really great park near Nanny's house!

Then today, Jacob left for camp. He's gone with our church, C3 Church, to Camp KidJam. He went last year and had a great time, so he was excited about going again! Thanks to Jacob's mom's hubby's family connections (gotta love these bonus families!!) on the church staff, we got a picture of him after he arrived at camp. It looks like everything's going great on day one!!

Please join us as we pray for Jacob's time at camp. We pray he has a great time and makes friendships, but most of all that he learns more about Jesus and how to walk in the Light of Christ!

Saturday, July 4, 2009


Happy 4th of July!!
the Sloans

Friday, July 3, 2009

Super Sprinkler Slideshow

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

We are THAT family!

The other night, we made a spur of the moment decision to head out for some yummy sno-balls. Pelican's is one of our favorite treat destinations. We loaded up the car and headed down the road. At some point I looked back to check on Eli and realized that we forgot to put shoes on him. So, I told Matt that instead of eating out sno-balls alfresco at the picnic tables and benches and having our little one run around in his bare feet, Eli and I would just wait in the car while he got the goodies! Matt asked, "Why?" My response was that I didn't want to be that family. You know the ones. With the baby running around in his bare feet. With the mom who couldn't even remember to put shoes on the baby. That family! Then, I looked at his shirt. The man I was going to send out to the sno-ball stand to represent my family was wearing this shirt.

I guess it's official. We are THAT family!