Sunday, January 5, 2014

Grace and Love

Dear Mama-friends,

I feel like we need a heart-to-heart.  The truth is, we face so many decisions in our lives.  We choose whether to breastfeed or formula feed; whether to circumcise or not.  We choose homeschool, private school, or public school for our precious ones; whether our kiddos eat gluten-free, sugar-free, flax seed, chia seed energy bars or gummy snacks.  We choose Babywise, cry-it-out, or co-sleep; whether we use cloth diaper or disposables.  We choose whether our kiddos are screen-free or spend their free time playing Angry Birds on our iPhones.  We choose whether to have one child or a large family; whether to work outside the home or not.

Oh, the research, angst, and prayer that making these decisions stirs.  They're controversial parenting decisions resulting in personal, family choices (and hopefully Spirit-led convictions).  We won't see eye to eye on all of them.  That's ok!!  ;)

Friends, I pray you hear my heart on this!  Let's choose not to judge.  Let's bridge the gaps where we may disagree on these issues.  Let's choose to embrace one another, encourage one another, edify one another...even as we make different choices.   Let's choose not to second-guess our own decisions based on another mama's choices, instead let's focus on being in tune with what God wants for our own families.  Mama-friends, let's choose to walk in grace and love as Christ did.