Thursday, June 26, 2008

Guitar Hero!

Here's a picture of our very own guitar hero at practice. Each week he gets better and better (and his practice times get more and more pleasant)!!


Anonymous said...

Now that's a "Ring of Fire" man!!! Jacob you will soon be playing that song and any other one you like. I can't wait to hear you play and even sing. I know that you know how to sing... I have heard that voice and you are the man!

Dougherty Family said...

Boy, do you look like a pro. You'll have to teach me a few things (please). We'll have to have a jam session at MeMa and PaPa's sometime (I need way more practice before then).
Wooten, Anna Gracen, Christian and I enjoyed swimming with you today. Colors is a fun game, isn't (or ain't -JK) it?
Aunt Amanda