Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Rice, rice baby!

I think Jacob did a great job as the videographer in this clip!! Eli's not so sure how he feels about the rice cereal.

Matt filmed this toward the end of our little feeding session. Eli got a little better at keeping the food in his mouth. Practice makes perfect!


Anonymous said...

Well he (Eli) certainly had lots of support and encouragement! He did good. It takes a while for him (a baby) to learn what to do with that solid "stuff"! I'll bet he won't be having that much spill with sweet foods, you think? Anyway it looks as though he did just great for the first time!!!
Love to you all

Anonymous said...

Uncle Tom watched the video and said, "Yuk!" You know how he is with seeby (Tom's made up word for slobber). Eli did a great job, as did Jacob with the video.
Love you guys,