Friday, June 6, 2008

Birthday, birthday, birthday!

Somehow in the craziness of this week, I forgot to post about our birthday weekend. Here's a pic!

From left to right is my sister-in-law Amanda, me, and my mom. Our birthdays are all very close together so we shared a family party this past Saturday! As you can see, we all had our own cake and the most interesting part about that is that we each made our own cake. Amanda's was a delicious lemon layer cake, mine was a yummy chocolate chip cookie cake, and my mom's was a rich and tasty Hershey Bar cake (which I requested). We had a great time celebrating with family! Those of you who know me well, know that I have come a long way. There was a point in my life (not that long ago) that I refused to share my birthday celebration. My mom's birthday is the day after mine--I always say I was her best birthday present--and I spent the majority of my life not sharing the day with her. Now, I love sharing the celebration and I think it's wonderful that Amanda, whose birthday is 5 days after Mama's, could share with us, too!! I can't wait for many more!

Although I think this is an awful picture of me, it's the most recent one of me and my mom together.

Mama, you are one of the strongest and most inspirational people I know. You influence so many lives with your kindness, generosity, and love. I am blessed to call you Mama! I love you! Happy (belated) Birthday!


Anonymous said...

Lord, if I'm down just let me go to Jennifer's blog! I thank you Jennifer and feel very humble. I don't feel that I do all the things that I should. (Thank you Jesus that love and faith see things that the world can not see!)
Each day is precious and we should never take a one of them for granted!!!
Love you, Jen

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your birthday. It was fun - too bad you and I can't share the same age (I feel more like 30 than 37).