Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Sooooo big!

Eli had his four-month well baby check up yesterday! Our beloved Dr. Wilkes is no longer at our pediatric practice. We knew she was moving with her husband to Ohio for his job, but that did not make the switch to a new doctor easy. What did make it easy was meeting Dr. Bodenstine, the doctor we chose to replace Dr. Wilkes. He was so patient and took so much time with Matt, Eli, and me. His bedside manner was gentle, kind, and knowledgeable. And, I told Matt that I really liked him because he was sort of "grandfatherly." My pediatrician, Dr. Ryburn, was "grandfatherly" and I loved him!

At his check-up, we were finally able to find out how big Eli has really gotten. Our big boy weighed in at 15 pounds, 6.5 ounces which puts him in the 75%ile for weight. He measured 26 1/4 inches, 90%ile for height. Dr. Bodenstine hypothesized that Eli will reach 6' tall at maturity!

Eli also received two more immunizations and since we are using an alternate vaccine schedule, he'll go back in a month for two more. He seemed to do well with the shot. Only screamed a second and calmed pretty much immediately when I picked him up! He's getting so big.

Lastly, Dr. Bodenstine recommended that we begin to allow Eli to put himself to sleep or self-soothe. Matt or I have been rocking him to sleep and very gently placing him in his crib at night (and at naps) since birth. So, last night we gave the docs recommended method a try. Our stubborn little guy screamed, and I mean S-C-R-E-A-M-E-D steadily for an hour and a half. He screamed upstairs and I cried downstairs. Matt or I went up every 10-15 minutes, just to reassure Eli (and me) that we did not abandon him, but that did little to comfort him (or me). Finally at 9:05, I went up and picked up my sweaty, screaming baby. I placed his little head on my shoulder and he was out. Just like that!

As I sit here and type this, our little guy is in the nursery, S-C-R-E-A-M-I-N-G yet again. Please say a little prayer for us as we take this journey to independence. Hopefully, this will work and it will allow Matt and I to have some time together again once the kiddos are in bed. I miss our quiet times together to chit chat and catch up...

...and as cute as this one is maybe, just maybe, we need another!


Anonymous said...

This too shall pass! I know that it is hard to let Eli cry. I wish I had some motherly secret or magic that would solve all your problems (or at least this one)but it just doesn't work that way! You have to do what you think is best for your circumstance. I pray that "little man" will go to sleep tonight with peaceful ease and stay asleep until morning. I also pray for you and Matt to have the strength that you need to follow your heart in this undertaking!
Love and my heart is with you ,

Dougherty Family said...

Do what works best for you, Matt & Eli - whatever that may be. Eli will be little for only a little while and you want it to be enjoyable. Go with your motherly instinct. Mother does know best! Lifting you up in prayer.
Love you,

SuziQ said...

Hey Jennifer,
Don't know if you want to try this or just let him cry it out but... we snuggle Desi until she starts to drift off. She's not totally out but good and sleepy. Then we lay her down. She usually wiggles herself to her comfy spot and drifts off to sleep. It gives us that precious snuggle time before she doesn't want to snuggle anymore and she learns to fall asleep on her own.

I can't believe how big Eli is already. Don't ya wish you had a pause button on that growth?? keep him little just a little longer??

Good luck with him going to sleep. I'll be praying for you.

Mary & Iain Burnett said...

We are going through the same thing with Callum and he is crying in the other room as I type this. I truly feel your pain. He is doing better with it but still has bad days-like yesterday! He is off to daycare in only 5 weeks and I know that he will have to get himself to sleep there. This is the main reason I am doing this but overall it is best for both of us. You might consider buying the book- "Moms On Call" as a reference. I got it from cousin Mindy, who is a maternity nurse, and also dealing with a 4 month old. Her son, AJ, sleeps through the night and she lent the book to me. www.momsoncall.com