Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Regular Season Champs!

The Mets have ended the regular Spring season as the first place team! However, last night, they just couldn't stop the Scrappers during tournament play and their season is over. It has been an awesome season. It's amazing what being on a winning team can do for a kiddo (Jacob's teams in the past haven't always had winning records)!! The progress Jacob made this season is just incredible. We heard some great compliments last night. All four parents gathered around to hear. We were told that Jacob is the best catcher in the league (we knew this, but it was great to hear it from an impartial party). Jacob's attitude and perseverance were also praised. It was a proud moment for us all! Way to go, Mets! And, way to go, Jacob! We can't wait until the Fall!


Anonymous said...

Way to go Jacob!!! What a ball player you are! So very proud of you.


Jenny Patterson said...


I just want to take the time to give you a little praise too. You are doing such a great job of blogging about both of your boys. It is so easy to fall into the mindset of being a mom of a baby where the baby takes all attention and praise. You are doing such a great job of staying focused on both children and praising them both. Good Job!