Thursday, May 1, 2008

Double the Dentist!

Today, Jacob had a dentist appointment. Matt took off work to take him this morning, since Eli can be quite unpredictable. Jacob was scheduled to have a cavity filled. They wouldn't let Matt go back with him, but Jacob said they gave him some laughing gas and took care of the cavity. We suspect he also got some Novocain since his smile was a little crooked afterwards. Matt took a picture with his cell phone, but we can't figure out how to get it off. Overall, Matt said he was a trouper. Since he was ordered to stick with soft foods and/or liquids, Jacob's really nice daddy stopped and got him a large milkshake before dropping him off at school. The teacher should be grateful that Matt showed some restraint and said no to the chocolate milkshake!! No teacher likes a whirling dervish in her classroom. By the way, I learned what a whirling dervish is today from Where in the World is Matt Lauer on the Today Show. They are Muslims who dance as a form of prayer and you can see it here. Anyway, our boy was brave. Which is more than I can say for me...

...This afternoon after having a sore jaw for two days, I finally went to the dentist. In the essence of full disclosure, let me be upfront and say that I haven't been to the dentist since we moved here 3 years ago. I know, I know!! But, before that I was an every 6 months kind of girl. Anyway, off I go to the dentist. I chose a local dentist office after someone referred the practice. I walked in and right away everyone was super nice. They took me back and I was shocked by the size of this practice. From the outside it looks like a small office in a strip mall. Inside it is a labyrinth of exam rooms, offices, bathrooms, computer kiosks, and more! I followed the little blonde assistant like a lost puppy dog, which is what I would have been if I hadn't kept up with her. She was a fast one, too! So, she settles me into room 8 and introduces herself. Tasha was super nice, too! I climb into the dentist chair, which was surprisingly comfortable. Now, either dentistry has come a long way in 3 years, or my previous small town dentist was keeping the good stuff for the other folks. I lean back and what do you know...there's a TV with satellite right there in the exam room and Tasha asks me if I want to watch TV. Yes, I'm at the dentist and have the options of watching Ellen right there in the exam room. Well, being the good southern girl that I am, I declined (while inside wishing she would pass the remote). So, we moved on to the actual dental stuff. Tasha took an x-ray, which immediately popped up on the computer screen next to me. All this technology was making my head spin (which makes me think of those whirling dervishes again). Soon enough, the dentist walked in. He is all business, this guy. He got right down to it and said, "you have a wisdom tooth that we need to take out". "Okay" I say. I'm already thinking about what is a good day and time to schedule that procedure. I'm running through all the questions--Who can watch Eli? Can we schedule for a week when Jacob's at his mom's? Could they do it late in the afternoon so Matt can watch the baby?--when this guy says, I'll get the Novocain and we'll get started. EXCUSE ME!! WHAT DO YOU MEAN "WE'LL GET STARTED?" Mr. All Business proceeds to say that it is an easy procedure and there will be no pain. I look at Tasha and wait for her to give me the "Aww, we're just kiddin'! We don't do these procedures same day!" What do I get from her...nothing! So, being the good southern girl I am, I begin shaking and ask to call my husband. Long story, short (I know, too late) I now have one less tooth in my mouth and an appointment for another visit for a cleaning and full exam to see what other damage I've done in these past 3 years.

Let this post be a lesson to you.

Dental hygiene is nothing to fool around with! And, if your dentist doesn't have a TV in your exam room, you're being cheated!


Anonymous said...

What a big girl you were!!! I'm proud of you and Jacob. Love Jacob's smile and yours. Let me know how everyone is today 5/2.