Friday, May 16, 2008

Last Minute MVP!

Last night Jacob had another baseball game. Eli and I stayed home because it was raining. Matt came home and gave me the full report (after finding me in was 9:30 after all)!

Here's how it went down. Jacob was one for two with a single early on in the game. In the 5th inning, Jacob was up to bat with runners on first and second. He hit a double and brought in a runner for the run that tied the game. Then, thanks to the effort of a teammate, Jacob was able to run home scoring what ended up being the winning run.

Jacob also made a great play at the plate. With runners on second and third and 2 outs, Jacob was behind the plate. The batter had two strikes on him. The pitch was thrown and the batter tipped the ball. Jacob was able to catch the ball to get the final out of the game!


Since I wasn't able to go, there is no photographic evidence of this display, so I'll just post an older picture of our last minute MVP!


Anonymous said...

Awesome! I better go ahead and get his autograph now - no telling how much it will be worth. I'll be sure to tell the boys - they'll be excited for him.
Love you guys,

PaPa said...

Jacob, You are the MAN! Way to go.