Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Twelve weeks and a toenail

Today Eli is 12 weeks old! I can hardly believe it. It seems like just yesterday we were bringing him home and I was a hormonal, nervous, obsessive-compulsive, over-worrying, over-analyzing, over-scheduling, over-the-top, first-time mommy to a newborn mess! But here we are 12 weeks later and although I still worry and analyze, I've calmed down so much and Eli and I are both better because of it! I feel so blessed that God has given Matt and me two wonderful boys to raise. I pray the He continues to help us train them up in His ways so that they can be world changers for Him!

On another note, I spent the afternoon at the doctor. Yes, the afternoon. Although I had an appointment at 3:45, you know how the doctor's office can be. I wish I could bill them for my time. You know, the recent calculations by salary.com has a SAHM making $117,000/year and if I do my math right, the doc owes me somewhere around $75. But I digress. I was at the doctor due to a red, swollen, and OH SO PAINFUL big toe. For your viewing pleasure, I took a picture, but had second thoughts when I realized I might lose readers...or readers might lose their dinner. So off to the doctor I went. I checked in and hobbled over to find some worthy reading material for the wait. Do you know there was no People or InTouch magazine to be found?!? I was forced to settle in with the Time magazine (I ought to charge the doc extra for that pain and suffering). What seemed like an eternity later, my name was called. The nurse greeted me with a cheery "And how are we today?" Ok, first off, what's with the "we"? And secondly, you have my chart, you know what time my appointment was actually scheduled for, you know why I'm here, you saw me hobble over after replacing the dreaded Time magazine...YOU KNOW HOW I AM! But I politely give the nurse the expected "I'm fine" and we head to the back. After the fun task of stepping on the scale, I was put in the exam room to wait some more. Once the doctor came in, he looked at my toe and determined it was infected--most likely due to improper nail cutting or an ingrown toenail. He asked if it was painful. I said OH YES and then he proceeded to poke and prod and pull at my poor red, swollen, and OH SO PAINFUL big toe. While he did that, I prayed that I would not accidentally kick his teeth in from the pain! He prescribed a shot of antibiotics (which I discovered later was to be administered in my rear end) and an oral antibiotic plus soaking and releasing the pressure (I will not get more detailed here) three times a day! He smiled, told me to have a great day and off he went. Tonight, the toe is feeling a little better...but, my rear-end is sore! I guess I'll have to take the trade off!!