Friday, May 2, 2008

Long 100th post!!

In honor of our 100th post, I've made a list of 100 things about us. Many of you already know these things about us, but there are some who do not! I've been working on this post for quite a while--since before Eli was born. Thanks to my bloggy friend, Amy, for the idea of doing the 100th post in narrative form! ENJOY!!

1. Matt was born on February 7, 1976.

2. He has a brother, a sister-in-law, a sister, a brother-in-law, a stepsister, a stepbrother, 4 nieces and a brand new nephew, born today around 2:00am.
3. Jennifer was born on May 29, 1978.

4. She has a brother, a sister-in-law, a sister, a brother-in-law, 2 nieces, and 3 nephews.
5. Matt’s mom died tragically in a car accident on February 13, 1990.
6. While Jennifer was in college, Matt served in the Marine Corps.

7. They didn’t know each other…yet!
8. Jacob was born on September 23, 1999.
9. Matt works in telecommunications for Wachovia.
10. He works from home.
11. Jennifer is a special education teacher by trade and at heart.
12. Matt and Jennifer were introduced (by Jacob’s mom…I know, it’s strange) the summer of 2002.
13. They dated briefly.
14. Jacob was only two years old.

15. Matt was a super nice guy.
16. He’s a true gentleman.
17. Jennifer broke up with Matt.
18. I know that doesn’t seem rational.
19. She wasn’t ready for a relationship involving a child.
20. Or a relationship involving an ex for that matter.
21. BUT, Jennifer never let Matt forget her.
22. She called and emailed every now and then.
23. She also did drive-bys (ladies, you know what that is—driving by the home of someone you are interested in)
24. Seeing that in writing makes that seem kinda “stalkerish”
25. Nonetheless, Jennifer dated a couple other guys.
26. Matt immersed himself in being a father, working, and hanging out with friends.
27. Matt and Jennifer found each other again in spring of 2004.
28. She ran into him at a local sports bar.
29. She literally ran into him and you can read about it at this post.
30. They were engaged on November 18th, 2004.

31. Matt went to Jennifer’s house after being out of town on a business trip.
32. He told her he had a really neat picture on his cell phone that he wanted to show her.
33. Jennifer thought it was something from his trip.
34. Jennifer thought like the monkey thought.
35. The monkey thought wrong. :)
36. Matt had taken a picture of the engagement ring.
37. He got down on one knee and proposed.
38. Jennifer readily said “yes.”
39. Matt and Jennifer were married on the beach on April 30, 2005.
40. Jacob was the best man.
41. They were barefoot.
42. It was a private ceremony with only 50 of their closest family and friends attending.
43. They were barefoot, too!
44. Fried chicken and barbecue was served after the wedding.
45. Matt picked the caterer.
46. They celebrated the marriage with a mini-moon at the beach.
47. The official honeymoon was scheduled for a later date because Jennifer was a teacher.
48. She taught children with autism (who need routine and have a hard time with change) and did not want to be away from the classroom for a whole week.
49. Jennifer taught in North Raleigh.
50. In July, they moved from Jennifer’s home town of Wilson to “fake Raleigh.”
51. They miss Wilson.
52. Jacob lives with Matt and Jennifer 50% of the time.
53. Jennifer and Matt miss him 50% of the time!
54. Jacob’s mom calls the area where they live “fake Raleigh” because it is not actually in Raleigh, but out in the country.
55. They do have a Raleigh address, though.
56. There are cows in the pasture behind their house.
57. Jennifer really likes the cows.
58. Scout and Eva really like to charge and bark at the cows.
59. Later in July (3 days after they moved…yes, they’re crazy), Matt and Jennifer went on their honeymoon to Kauai, Hawaii.

60. They did all kinds of great things like tubing down the irrigation ditches of a sugar plantation, going on a snorkeling tour, visiting a botanical garden, going hiking at the Waimea Canyon, and lounging on the beach.
61. While in Kauai, Jennifer got to see a Hawaiian monk seal.

62. Monk seals are endangered and there are only 1300-1400 left.
63. Matt and Jennifer want to go back…like right now, please!
64. They really like to travel and have a goal of visiting a different state every year for vacation.
65. So far, they have vacationed in HI, VA, MD, NC, FL, PA, HI.
66. This year it's SC.
67. After they returned, they began to make “fake Raleigh” their home.
68. They began visiting churches and after many visits to many churches, they found C3 Church.
69. C3 Church became their home church.
70. Jennifer got involved at church by leading worship in the children’s ministry, and now heads up the special needs ministry.
71. Matt got involved at church by serving on the parking team, and now heads up the Eli-care while Jennifer serves.
72. In the spring of 2006, Eva had a large lump on her side.
73. The vet diagnosed her with mast cell tumors and she underwent surgery.
74. She is doing well now!
75. Jacob began playing baseball with the local league.
76. He was on the Bees.
77. He is a great catcher!

78. Jacob is right-handed, but bats left.
79. He’s now playing his 5th season of baseball.
80. That summer we vacationed at Deep Creek, Maryland with Matt’s family.

81. Matt and Jennifer quit smoking on July 31, 2006.
82. They immediately began trying to get pregnant.
83. In August, Jennifer switched jobs and began teaching children with severe/profound mental retardation at a school closer to their home.
84. It was a terribly difficult job for her and she discovered that her heart is in working with children with autism.
85. Jacob celebrated his 7th birthday in September with a Knights and Castles party.
86. In January of 2007, Matt, Jennifer, and Jacob went to Washington, D.C.

87. They saw some very interesting and important pieces of history.
88. Later in January, Jennifer’s mom was diagnosed with breast cancer.
89. In February, Matt’s dad discovered he had experienced a heart attack and underwent surgery.
90. Both parents are now doing well!
91. We thank God for their healing and recoveries.
92. In May, Jennifer began taking a fertility drug to help conceive.
93. On the last day of school in 2007, Matt and Jennifer picked Jacob up from school early and surprised him with a trip to Disney World.
94. While at Disney World, they revealed to Jacob that Jennifer was pregnant and he was going to be a big brother.
95. They had a great time there and can’t wait to go back.
96. In August, they vacationed with Jennifer’s family at Emerald Isle, NC.

97. Jacob celebrated his 8th birthday in September of 2007 with a Star Wars party.
98. At Christmas, Jacob got a guitar and he’s now taking lessons!
99. This winter Jacob wanted to try a new sport, so we signed him up for Upward Basketball.
100. Elijah was born on February 26, 2008.

Our family has many adventures ahead of us. We can't wait to share them with you. Thanks for reading and stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Oh my! What's up with the pictures? Eli sure does look like his daddy !!! I though Matt's baby picture was Eli!

Anonymous said...

Awesome post.
Love you guys,
Amanda (:0)

The Eckerts said...

Love the post!!! I learned so much.

I've also been to Kauai and am in love. I want to go back so bad.

What did Matt do in the USMC? I forgot he was in there.

I keep meaning to ask how your anniversary was?