Thursday, May 22, 2008

Big hitter!

We had a great time at Jacob's most recent game. Eli was super well-behaved. He really enjoyed watching his brother play ball (and his nap later in the game).

Jacob played catcher for most of the game and did an awesome job, as usual.

Jacob was also a great hitter. Here's one action picture below. However, that picture is not the picture of our kiddo's best hit of the night. Oh, no...that hit came later in the game. That hit soared down the first base line and past the outfielder coming to a stop at the fence. Jacob ran for all he was worth and in the end he scored his FIRST HOME RUN!! Jacob has come so far in five seasons. I remember his first season when we held our breath during his every at bat, praying that he would actually make contact with the ball. Now, he's hit his first home run! I just love the fact that Jacob has found something he enjoys and has practiced, stuck with it, and now is seeing the rewards of his efforts! HOORAY!!!


Anonymous said...

Way to go Jacob!!! I wish I had been there to see this most important ballgame. I can see that ball flying through the air and you running those bases right now. I am so proud of you!
Love ya,