Thursday, May 29, 2008

Fruits of his labor!

Thanks for your prayers. Due to his hard work this year in third grade and God's blessing, Jacob scored a 4 on his Math EOG. 4 is the highest score a student can earn! He is enjoying the fruits of his labor (and so are we as his proud parents)! As Matt told Jacob, we are just as proud of this 4 on his EOG as we are of his home run! I think it's wonderful that Jacob is excelling at school and away from school! He's developing into a well-rounded kiddo!
Way to go, Jacob!


Anonymous said...

Great job, Jacob!
Aunt Amanda

Anonymous said...

I had not worries Jacob, the card was before the grade! You have certainly have made us all so proud. Not just of the grades and the baseball but of the person that you are becoming!