Saturday, May 17, 2008

What's happening?

Here is what's going on around the Sloan household.

*End of Grade tests are this upcoming week. Please lift Jacob up in prayer as he will be tested on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday! He is such a bright kiddo and has worked so hard this year! He should be proud of himself...we certainly are! "Blessed are all who fear the LORD, who walk in his ways. You will eat the fruit of your labor; blessings and prosperity will be yours." Psalm 128:1-2

*Eli got a new Bumbo seat and he looks just adorable sitting up in it! By the way, we love BJs for the baby stuff. The seat was $10 cheaper at BJs than Target.

*Jacob fed Eli for the first time and he did an excellent job! I was at a Scrapbooking Club, so Daddy was in charge of taking pictures. Unfortunately, the camera batteries died after the first shot. It's not the best picture, but here it is!

*Today Matt and Jacob headed outside to do some sprucing up. Jacob was a wonderful helper to his dad. They replaced our rusted mailbox and cleaned the mailbox post. Our natural area in the front yard has now been weeded. The lawn was mowed. Matt even removed the dead boxwoods from the front of the house, which means now I have to plant something! Eli and I joined them briefly and did some supervising...I mean watching :)

*I took this cute picture after Matt gave Eli a bath for me earlier this week! I thought it was cute and deserved to be posted!

*And, last but not least, Eli is getting stronger every day. He wanted to prove it by showing off in front of the camera! Look at those strong neck and shoulder muscles!

I hope you all have a blessed week! Until next time...


Anonymous said...

What a big boy sitting up in that set. Next video will be of Eli crawling! Jacob, Eli is about to get as long as you are tall! I love that you feed it will be on to the basketball hoop...then to the ball and bat! How lucky he is to have a big brother like you!!!
Love you both,

Anonymous said...

My mistake!! My fingers work faster that my brain.
I meant to say "What a big boy sitting up in that seat"!!!
As the young people say, my bad!