Friday, May 30, 2008

Another game night and some nature thrown in for fun!

We had a ballgame last night. Jacob hit three doubles and made a great catch at home to score an out! His team won and has done quite well overall this season. We have playoff games next week. It is single elimination, so we'll play at least once. His team has been ranked fairly highly this season, so I think they've got a pretty good chance. Here are some pics from the game.

And now a story that my best friend Sammie will love. I had a busy day today. Eli and I took Jacob to school, went to the bank, to the DMV, and to BJs this morning. This afternoon, Eli had his second round of shots!! :( It's been a busy day!
So, this evening, while we are waiting for our pizza delivery to arrive (no, I didn't cook), Jacob went outside to play. Matt was holding our fussy baby and I was researching houses for our vacation when Jacob came bolting through the front door. With a huge, glowing smile, he made an announcement. These were the words out of his mouth, "I THINK I FOUND RHINOCEROS BEETLE LARVAE IN OUR YARD!!!" Despite the fact that I could not identify rhinoceros beetle larvae if my life depended on it (and if I could, I would probably head in the opposite direction), I was excited that he was excited and Matt followed him out to inspect his discovery. And although (after a little internet research) we discovered that what he found was not rhino beetle larvae, these little science education moments are yet another reason we love living in the country.


Anonymous said...

What?! No pictures of the bug larvae? I wonder what jacob actually found? My first thought was a horn worm caterpillar. I love that Jacob gets excited about critters. Those are great moments for fostering curiosity and developing a love of finding answers about your treasure by following through with only a little time and research on the internet. What did we ever do without the internet?!
Love you guys and thanks for the critter story,