Thursday, February 7, 2008

Birthday Boy!

When I first met "good guy" 6 years ago I thought this he was the greatest . He opened doors, took his hat off indoors, he let my dog out for me, cut my grass, and left me the sweetest note written circularly on a paper plate when I went on a girls' adventure to Kings Dominion.  "Good guy" paid for our dates, walked on the outside (closest to cars and traffic), and really treated me like a princess.

Two months later I broke up with "good guy."   I was 23 years old and enjoying my "early-twenties life."  He was 25, had a two-year old, and an ex. I wasn't ready for that!

I spent the next few years dating a guy that was all wrong for me. It took me quite a while to realize that. The fact that I continued to think about "good guy," would occasionally drive by "good guy's" house, and email "good guy," really should have been a hint. I eventually came to my senses and ended the relationship with "all-wrong guy."  I thought about "good guy" again.  I drove by "good guy's" house (I know kind of stalker-ish) and even tried "good guy's" phone number only to find out that he was gone!  He just seemed to have disappeared!

So, I moved on.  I began going out with friends and enjoying single life.  One night, I went with a group of friends to a Chamber of Commerce event.  Afterwards we went to a local restaurant to hang out.  At one point, I headed to the bathroom.  Per typical Jennifer-manner, I was looking the other way and ran right into someone...literally.  I looked up to see that it was "good guy!"  My heart sank. I had broken up with this guy.  I had not been super nice about it.  All of the sudden there he was and this is the conversation that began to play in my head..."Ugh!  He probably hates me! But, oh, he is so stinkin' cute! Please don't hate me. Please don't hate me.  Say something, Jennifer!  Don't just stand here!  AGGGGHHHH!"  Needless to say, seeing him stirred something in me.

After the initial shock, we greeted each other and stood there talking for a little while...yes, right there in front of the bathrooms. Eventually, we went outside, sat down, and continued to talk.  After some time, my friends left.  I stayed and kept talking.  "Good guy" took me to Denny's for breakfast (it was 2am by that point) and we talked some more.  I discovered, he was on his way out the door to go home when we ran into one another.  Timing is everything (and God's timing is perfect)!  After breakfast, "good guy" drove me home, dropped me off, and drove away.  I was on cloud nine!

It wasn't all smooth sailing from there. I was casually seeing someone else and that left me with a decision to make.  After a few weeks of pondering this dilemma, I made my choice.  Five months later, "good guy" proposed to me.  Six months later I married him.  My life has been all the better because of that "good guy".

So, today, I honor my "good guy". My Matt turns 32 today! He is an incredible husband and father! He is gentle, kind, loving, and full of grace and mercy (thank goodness, cause I need it). He is driven, a provider, a protector, a leader. He is funny, wacky, silly, and makes me laugh. I cannot imgaine going through life with anyone else as my best friend and partner! I thank God for the night that we ran into each other again and for the blessing Matt is to our family!




PaPa said...

Happy Birthday to Matt! Jennifer, you were indeed blessed when you bumped into Matt that night; however, it wasn't an accident. God had a plan for you and he gave you the free will to find yourself during your early twenties. When you decided to get serious with your life, God was waiting in the wings to direct you to a person of stability, love, and many other admirable qualities. We are so proud of the life you, Matt, and Jacob have made for yourselves and we can't wait to greet Eli.

Mema and PaPa

Mema said...

And Mema said...I sure can't top that (Papa's message) so I'll just say Happy Birthday Matt! Glad to have you on board. This ship travels to some crazy ports better hold on!!!
Love ya,