Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Hubby humor

Last night, Matt and I were talking after tucking the kiddos in. The conversation turned to baby names (no, we're not pregnant...yet). There was talk of Tuck and Bodie, Charlotte and Stella, then I mentioned Amelia. "Like Amelia Bedelia" says my hubby. Hoping to bring a little more dignity to the name, I reply, "like Amelia Earhart." Then, with a straight face, I hear him say, "Like Amelia...Estevez?"


I got nothing!

But, I fell asleep thinking of Andy from "The Breakfast Club"--good times!


SuziQ said...

Got to love the 80's

Alicia said...

Great - just ruined that one for me. Just last night I thought of Amelia as a name for my nameless little girl. Chris and I have been thinking of a name that starts with A or E...Nothing has come to mind that I half way like until last night. Oh well, on to other names.

Glad to see you blog on a regular basis so I can keep up with you!