Thursday, August 28, 2008

Just Peachy!

Yesterday, Matt took the day off work to have some dental work done. Yes, we're all about the dental hygiene around these parts. We can't start looking like all the native Johnston County folks (just kidding, y'all)!

Anyway, after said dental work, Eli, Matt, and I headed to the Farmer's Market. If you aren't from around here, Raleigh has a huge Farmer's Market with tons of great produce, free-range meats, baked goods, canned and pickled stuff of all sorts, and gifty-type items. We were there for the produce (and to get out of the house).

We walked around and gathered up some goodies. Snap beans, squash, zucchini, sourdough bread, and some ginormous peaches (that's Matt's word, by the way)! I had already started planning the baby food cookfest that was to take place with all this wonderful food, when Matt mentioned peach cobbler. I figured the little guy could sacrifice some peaches for his daddy and brother's enjoyment, so I set out to find a great peach cobbler recipe today. Here's the link to the one I chose to use.

While Matt took Jacob to baseball practice tonight, I headed into the kitchen to start baking. Eli was in his Bounce, Bounce Baby toy as I peeled and sliced peaches. As is typical Eli-style, he began to fuss when he realized I was not giving him my undivided attention. I finished peeling and slicing to the beautiful music of baby whine. Determined to finish this cobbler for my boys, I headed upstairs and grabbed the sling (that I never use), threw Eli in it and pressed on. Eli was a trouper and hung out while I finished up. Here's the finished product.

And the boys say it tastes great, which makes all the work worthwhile!!


The Eckerts said...

Oh I love farmer's markets. I'm dreaming about ours tomorrow. It can't come soon enough.

The cobbler looks wonderful!

Have fun with all of the baby food making. Eli will sure thank you for all the yummy food.

Anonymous said...

That looks delicious!!! Now just one scoop of ice cream and we are good to go. Jacob how did baseball practice go? I'll bet you haven't lost that touch over the summer. Can't wait to watch you play. Wish we lived closer...could then come to more games! You guys have a great day and Eli be nice for mommy!