Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Surprise guest

Today, Eli and I were enjoying a little playtime on the floor together. We were having some fun playing the LeapFrog drum. That little guy loves to pat, so he does great with the drum! He's our little drummer boy. Teehee!


As we were playing, Eva walked up beside me. She just stood there, so I turned to give here a little pat only to be confronted with the most awful sight. Was she bleeding?? Another mast cell tumor?? A tick??

No, friends! It was none of the above.

It was this!

In her mouth! Inches from my face! Eva had caught herself a squirrel and was proudly bringing it to Mama.

Well, in less time than it takes to say, "AHHHHHH" I'm up off the play quilt with the baby in my arms, making a run for Matt's office.

Now, for those who don't know, Matt works from home. With him being home, it's tempting to talk to him all day, so we have a system. If the office door is closed, he's too busy to chat.

His office door was closed.

I hesistated an entire half second before knocking on his door and screaming that the nature had invaded our home via the dog door and he must come rescue our family.

By this time, Eva has given up the prize and it is now resting on my living room carpet.

Matt rushes out of his office--because through the door all he heard was a panicked wife yelling and for all he knew, we were being robbed at gunpoint--to find the deceased resting in peace where my baby plays. where my baby plays!!

My hero hubby grabbed some paper towels, because we all know Bounty is the quicker picker-upper. In a moment of clarity, I stopped him before he picked up the corpse and reminded him of the necessity of a photo, because nothing says "blog fodder" like a dead squirrel laying on your carpet.

Once photographed, Matt gathered the dearly departed up in the paper towel shroud and headed outside to toss the critter carcass over the fence. Meanwhile, inside I attempted to lower my blood pressure and recover from the shock.

Rest in peace, Mr. Squirrel, rest in peace!


Dougherty Family said...

Yuk! I mean, good girl, Eva. How sweet - she wanted to share with you.

Jenny Patterson said...

Wow! I mean...Wow! We are only like a mile or so apart and there is a lot more living in the country going on in your neck of the woods than mine. Can I call Matt if nature ever starts to happen here 'cause Josh is a good 25 minute drive from here? Our cat was into rabbits a while back but he never shared...Thank goodness.

Mary Burnett said...

HILARIOUS! My co-worked Emilee and I are rolling with laughter. We are glad that everyone involved survived (except for Mr. Squirrel).

Anonymous said...

Sounds like my Christmas tree ordeal! What an exciting household...Jacob gets to miss all the fun!

The Eckerts said...

Hilarious! I learn something new every day. I didn't realize Matt works from home. That's awesome. Poor squirrel.

The Graham's said...

I love your writing style. Excellent use of words. "Corpse...critter carcass....where my baby plays!"
Awesome. I could visualize it all.