Friday, September 19, 2008

What's with all the wittiness?

As Jacob is getting older, I find that he gets more and more witty. Sometimes his statements are thick with sarcasm and sometimes it's just an innocent comment that comes across as absolutely hilarious.

Last night, we were hanging out by the grill while Matt cooked. I was telling Matt about a blog post I had read earlier and Jacob asked where the blogger lived. As per typical Jennifer, I said "Texas, Alabama, Arkansas...I don't know, one of those southern states." Jacob then said, "Maybe Pennsylvania?" Now being a true Southerner (yes, you capitalize it folks), I wanted to be sure that Jacob knows which states hang out with us below the Mason-Dixon line. I informed him that no, Pennsylvania is not a southern state. To which he replied while laughing hysterically, "Yes, it is. It's southern of New York!"

Oh, yes he did!

From the mouth of our almost 9-year old!

And, he knows he's funny!

So, if this is what the next 9 years of my life holds, I might just need to invest in some Depends, because friends, that is some funny stuff.


Nicole Collins said...

So I'm guessing Jacob's feeling better! He's so funny!

The Eckerts said...

I was just going to say the same thing :)