Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Take Me Out to the Ballgame!

Last night was Jacob's first fall baseball game. The night proved to be hot and muggy, and the game seemed to drag on, but Jacob's team, the Cubs, came away victorious. Jacob had a great game. He handled the new kid-pitch with ease and got one of the few hits off the pitcher. Behind the plate, he shined as he caught the pitches a teammate threw (even though not all flew over the plate). He made a great play in the first inning to get an out! Overall, not a bad start to a new season in a new league with new rules! Man, what a talented kid...handsome, too!

Thanks to Jacob's mom, Niki, for the picture. Seeing as how my super-mom memory ran out early in the day and I forgot my camera, I pirated this pic from her blog! :)


Anonymous said...

Go Jacob!!! How handsome you look in that uniform. I am sure you played a great game! Sorry we had to miss it and hope to be there Thurs. night!
See ya then!
Mema and Papa

The Figs said...

you are much too kind. i really didn't think anyone would read it, but, maybe that's why i posted it :-)

seriously, as God's children, it's so sad sometimes that we can hide behind the Word & Christianity & forget what Jesus did for all mankind. it's so sensitive, yet, really brings out our character. it's just frustrating b/c i know there are great people that started off with very good intentions & somehow got side-tracked........

thanks for the encouragement!