Sunday, September 21, 2008

Never say never! - EDITED!

When we started discussing having more kiddos, one thing we agreed on immediately was the vehicle. There would be no minivan parked in our driveway. We would be an SUV family, for sure. Minivans are driven by unexciting, suburbanite, homely, robot-moms. I would not be joining that force. That would not be me!

Flash forward!

As of yesterday, this is what is sitting in our driveway!

Yes, I know.

That's a Toyota Sienna!

Yes, I know.

The Sienna is a minivan!

And, we are the proud owners of it.

Never say never!!

**Edit: And just so you know...the stereotype is all wrong. Drivers of minivans can be hip, fun-loving, exciting, and according to my hubby, sexy mamas who've just happened to discover the functionality of a minivan. :)


The Eckerts said...

Oh, that's hilarious! We've always said we don't want a minivan either... but I'm sure we're gonna be joining the club sometime too. You just can't beat what a minivan offers!

I got your email. THANKS SO MUCH. I'm slowing reading over so as to not overwhelm myself :) It's packed full of info.

The Eckerts said...

Oh, I had another questions. How do you get your pictures so you can't click on them and copy them?

Jennifer said...

Amy...I hate to admit this, but I have no clue how my pics get like that. I just download them from my Kodak software using the blogger tool. Whatever happens after that is a blogger mystery :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Jennifer,
That looks just like our minivan. Same color and all. Welcome to the club. By the way, we have had our Sienna for 3 years and have really loved it. Congratulations!!

Dougherty Family said...

Minivans have come a long way. This looks nice!

Jenny Patterson said...

Well I was the opposite. I said that I would NEVER own an SUV and now I own a crossover. It's not a full-fledged, big honkin' vehicle and it get's good gas mileage but it is still considered one so...that being said I always said we WOULD get a minivan when the time came. I also used to say I would NEVER move away from Greenville, I would NEVER have kids and I would NEVER be a teacher and, bless the people that did, but I would NEVER be able to work with children with special needs. Well God blew all those NEVERs out of the water.

SuziQ said...

I'm really glad for the edit. I was kinda hurt by the "homely" comment :0(
I love a minivan. Sure beats the pants off the old station wagon of my youth. :0)

Anonymous said...

Hey,we have one just like that.What a coincedence!!!