Wednesday, September 3, 2008


We may be some of the most overprotective parents there are. Jacob turns nine this month and we haven't permitted him to ride his bike or scooter further than the street at the top of the hill. If he were to go past that, we would not be able to see him.

Now, I know that when I was his age I was riding out of my parents' sight on a regular basis, but things aren't the same today as they used to be. We've tended to be cautious, even though we live on a cul-de-sac street, in a neighborhood! I know, I know...overprotective.

So, last night after dinner, Jacob saw some kids riding in our cul-de-sac. We know this family and so I sent him out to ride. But, the kiddos were already out of sight. So, I put on my big girl panties (excuse the phrase) and sent him off. Yes, out of our sight! He knows where this family lives and I told him to head that way. And encouraged him not to forget to come home. I didn't want all this freedom going to his head :)
Off he went. I spent the next 20 minutes checking the window in 5 minute increments. Oh, yes, psycho-step-mom in full force!

He made it home safely and to say he had a great time is an understatement. He can't wait to head out again! Just call him Mr. Independent.

And this is his baby bro watching him ride off. Yeah, he's pretty excited for Jacob!


SuziQ said...

Yea thats where it starts. First a bike ride, then the car. Then one day they're packing up their stuff to move out. And we sit in a daze wondering just when exactly things had gotten to this.

Enjoy 'em while you have 'em :-)
Letting go is hard. I think if Sami rolls her eyes at me one more time they're gonna get stuck. Then she'll be blind and have to live with me... hahahaha.... sorry crazy mom moment there. :0)

Anonymous said...

Love Suziq's comment about rolling the eyes!!! The boys are so cute and both are getting so independent!!! I know that you were crazy until Jacob came home...but that's how it is with all parents. We just can't let go and then when we do we are trying to grab you back for more (go figure)!!!
Love you guys,
Mema and Papa

Mary Burnett said...

They are getting so big! I always think about Jacob with his pacifier even though I know it has been years since he's used one! If you are still visiting in October, let me know and we'll also plan to travel in. I will hold October 11-13 until I hear from you.