Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream!

No, this "ambulance" was not responding to a heart attack at our house, it was a snack attack! Ok, ok, I know, cheesy! Forgive me, I'm accustomed to the 8-year old humor!

Recently, we've been hearing the tinkling music of the ice cream truck--I use the term truck very loosely (see picture). Fortunately for Jacob, we had some cash on hand the other night. With money in hand, he ran to the top of the driveway to meet the ice cream truck. The excitement was uncontainable (is that a word?). He purchased the costly ice cream--$2, really?--and ran back with a tasty-looking cookies 'n cream ice cream sandwich. We talked about how exciting the ice cream truck is and how I don't remember having one come by when I was little. Then, I made the comment, "I sure am glad we actually had some cash tonight." To which Jacob responded, "Yeah, cause I'm BROKE!"

Those months between Christmas and birthday can be lean times for a kid! :)


Anonymous said...

Hey Jacob what a treat!!! I'm sure glad that Jennifer had some cash for ya! Better start hiding some under your pillow or something. Any way it all worked out and the belly says yum-yum!!!
Love you,

Mary Burnett said...

$2 for an ice cream! Inflation is tough on everyone. Glad he enjoyed it though. I wonder how much an ice cream sandwich from the truck will cost when Callum is 8 & 1/2- $7? :-)