Thursday, July 24, 2008

Big Bargains

At the consignment sale last night, we racked up on some great items.

We got this high chair which retails for around $70 for $35. And the pattern we got matches our dining room!
This toy retails for $13 and we got it for $2. In great shape!!!

This stroller is a Chicco Caddy and retails for anywhere from $30-$50. Did we pay $15? $10? Oh, no...we got it for $5.

This doesn't take into consideration the other toys and clothes we were able to get. If you are local, there's still time to shop. Consignment sales are such a blessing!!


Jenny Patterson said...

You better believe I was there too! I got Jordan a wardrobe for the next six months. I also got a great collection of several wooden, perfect condition, unique, instruments; a toy grand piano and two drums all for a total of $15 and a leap frog little leap system with 4 books and cartridges for $3! They should pay you for the free advertisement...course I guess it wouldn't be free then. Oh Well.

Dougherty Family said...

Great deals!!

Anonymous said...

God has treasures piled up for His children! We have such favor with Him and He smiles as we connect with His Word and understand that it comes from Him. What wonderful things for only a little money!!!
Love you,

Nicole Collins said...

We just got back from the consignment sale as well. I actually brought Sean with me and he loved it. We got lots of good deals as well. Just bring with you lots of snacks for the kiddos if you have to bring them along and lots and lots and lots of patience. I'm getting ready to go take a nap. Consignment sale shopping is hard!

Paul & Angela Jenkins said...

We racked up. I looked for you Wed night but didn't see you. I sold 175 of my 200 items that I took. We have all fall and winter clothes/coats/shoes etc AND even got some Christmas gifts for both kids. I love Kids Exchange.