Thursday, July 24, 2008

My First Meme

A meme is a list of questions and answers that a blogger posts on their site. In turn, you can then do the same on your blog. Your readers can follow suit if they choose and the meme travels. I've seen many a meme and never participated, but today BooMama posted a meme and I've decided to play along.

What were you doing 10 years ago?
Ten years ago, it was the summer between my sophomore and junior years of college at East Carolina University. That summer I went on my Junior Enrichment trip as part of my NC Teaching Fellows requirements. It was at a summer camp on the NC coast teaching kiddos about the wild horses in NC and soaking up the sun, sand, and water!

Favorite Snack?
Oats & Chocolate Fiber One bars
Air popped popcorn
Anything sweet & salty (ex. chocolate covered pretzels or birthday cake and potato chips)
Coldstone dark chocolate ice cream mixed with peanut butter

To Do List?
Tomorrow's list: put clothes away, take baby to doctor for immunizations, rearrange dining room (with Mema's help), go to BJs Wholesale Club, make calls/emails for special needs ministry I head up, clean house for small gathering of friends on Sunday

Jobs I Have Had?
After-school care assistant, concessions at baseball field, waitress at Pizza Hut, music director at a small church, retail clerk at knick-knack store, bartender, special education teacher, special needs nanny, stay-at-home-mom

Places I Have Lived?
NC...yeah, that's it just NC!

Bad Habits?
Picking my cuticles, biting my lip, starting something then getting distracted and starting something else never to finish first activity, procrastination

Five Random Things People May Not Know?
I've broken both of my arms and had three casts.

I can pop lots of joints: fingers, toes, back, ankles, wrists, neck, knees

Matt and I were introduced by Jacob's mother six years ago.

The first time I met the girl who eventually became my sister-in-law, she mistook me for a really hot, much older guy's girlfriend.

When Matt and I met, I did not want children of my own! :)

CDs I Would Want If Stranded On an Island?
Lakewood Live
My mix-tape CD of love songs from my hubby
Best of Broadway
Billy Joel's Greatest Hits
Martha Munizzi

What Would I Do If I Were A Billionaire?
Donate a large chunk to my church, Children's Cup, breast cancer research, the Arc, and the Autism Society
Pay off remaining debt
Buy a house big enough for lots of kiddos and animals
Buy a vacation home in Kauai...on the water, yes indeedy
Save for kiddos education

How's that for a wealth of knowledge.'re it! Just put a comment linking to your meme in the comments section.


Dougherty Family said...

Okay this is new to me. I'll give it a try. I'll post my meme on

BTW: He was hot wasn't he?

Wilbanks World said...

Yea! We could just leave the boys home with the babies. That would be another interesting story to tell!