Wednesday, July 23, 2008

On the roll again...

Last night while I was volunteering at the Kid's Exchange consignment sale (check this out...great prices on gently used items), Daddy and Eli stayed home and had some quality time. This is the action that ensued!


Anonymous said...

My, my that baby surely is on the move!!! He is the rolling baby! Love that video.

Dougherty Family said...

Boy he has that down pat! Good job with the video, Matt - great documentation for Jennifer when she asked, "So, what did you guys do while I was gone?" Tom and the kids usually just say, "Nothing" when I ask that question.

Anonymous said...

good looks run in the family. he is so cute
i love you,

Anonymous said...

You better not let him outside in the camo suit. He'll be gone and you'll never find him.
Pappy Al

Anonymous said...

I love that leg action and Al's comment (now that's funny)!!! So hello Al and family...hope all is well with you guys!