Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Getting Closer

We're getting closer. The pain and discomfort that Jennifer was experiencing prior to the epidural had subsided, but recently the contractions (not that they went away, it's just that the pain subsided) have started back up again. It appears that our Labor and Delivery nurse is satisfied with this progress because we're getting closer to the time for delivery. I'm not a health care professional so I can only guess that the pain she is about to experience is inevitable. Because of this inevitability, I'm thinking the L&D nurse has backed off on pushing meds for the epidural. We don't want the pain to be unbearable; however, it'd be awful if she was unable to push because the epidural was restricting all pain/movement/sensation/etc..

I'm watching the contractions on the monitor and they're now coming pretty consistently. It appears that they're coming at 1 minute intervals and are lasting approximately a minute each time. My beautiful bride is handling all of this wonderfully. Have I told you all how wonderful she is? ? ?

I doubt anyone is awake and paying attention to this right now, but I seriously doubt that I'll be updating this blog anytime in the immediate future. It appears the contractions are becoming a little difficult and "the time" will be coming within the next hour or so. I'll of course post a quick note after our little one is here, but aside from that please don't expect much from us for a while.


Mary & Iain Burnett said...

I hope Eli is here already! I thought about you several times throughout the night. Mary

Anonymous said...

Scout and Eva have had their breakfast. Good luck today

Anonymous said...

Hang in there! Just talked to Dad and he said you were waiting for the epidural to wear off a little. Can't wait to see him.