Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Earlier I posted that we weren't sure Elijah's length. Here's a picture showing his weight, with a picture of the scale for proof. Boy do I love my wife, the thought of having gone through what she went through to deliver that little boy is overwhelming.

Elijah was 21" long


Anonymous said...

She was a trooper!!! Jennifer I was so proud of you and your courage. You did a grrrreat job! However you, Matt, were right by her side! You gave her so much encouragement, love and understanding. (thanks for that and we love you!) Lets not forget Eli, he also was a little hero in this labor process.
He is just so beautiful and has such a sweet little spirit about him! We will all be blessed with his life being united with ours.
Jacob, he looks like you, buddy, handsome and all!
You guys take care and get some rest!!!
Mema and Papa

Susan Hughes said...

OH Jen, I am so happy for you!! Eli is a big boy!!!!
epidurals can be a gift from God, I told you!! the marvels of medical science are there for the taking!
Well, you missed out on having Eli on my B'day (15th), but guess what? Feb. 26th was my 25th wedding anniversary!

I am so very happy for you. This is truely a wonderful time in your life. enjoy every minute of it, you deserve it.
big kiss from Skyler