Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A First Time for Everything

Yesterday was filled with firsts for Eli.  He started his morning with his first trip to the dentist's office.  I can't say enough nice things about Dr. Artemis, Ms. Wendi and the staff at Scandalios Family Dentistry.  Eli and I prepared for this big experience by watching "Ms. Cullen" from Cullen's ABCs.  She has a great set of videos that helped Eli know what to expect.  Here are some pictures of my brave Eli in the dentist chair!

Then, after a special lunch at the McDonald's with the Playland, a nap, and some dinner, we were off for the next first...Eli's first soccer practice with the YMCA.  We have officially entered the land of parents-with-more-than-one-son-playing-sports.  I've started to feel a bit faint when I pass the calendar hanging in our kitchen that is covered with all the fun things we do.  Anyway...Eli was so excited and looked so cute in his cleats and shinguards.  By the way, I just love what the YMCA stands for.  Before practice, everyone recited the pledge and there was prayer!  I must say that I'm proud to be affiliated with this organization!  Ok, back to the actual soccer stuff.  Eli seems to really understand what's going on in the game and as Matt so tactfully stated, "He's like Scout...ball-driven!"  Sidebar:  For those who don't know, Scout is one of our dogs.  The weather was perfect.  Abel had plenty of room to walk, run, and explore.  Jacob enjoyed some quality time with a game on his iPod (hello, tween years!).  And, Eli had a blast playing soccer with his teammates.  Check out the fun!


Anonymous said...

Everybody looks like the are perfect! Keep the info coming. I love to read it even when I kinda know what is happening.