Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Crash and burn

Since it wasn't outrageously hot this morning and since little Eli was feeling somewhat better (he's had a fever and felt icky since yesterday afternoon), we headed out to play in the yard.  The boys ran and chased each other.  We found some funny-looking bugs.  Abel and I practiced "come here"--I am currently training this instruction.  Eli played with some "ginormous" sticks.  And, the boys played in the ditch at the top of the driveway.

For those who don't know, our driveway slopes fairly steeply from the street down to our home.  Eli took off down the driveway toward the house and Abel wasn't far behind him.  Abel picked up speed and I could see it coming. He was getting faster.  The downward slope was outrunning him.   Time slowed to a crawl.  My legs were stuck in place.  There was no way I could prevent it.  Abel wiped out...in a really big way.  He tried to catch himself, but the momentum was just too much.  It looked like he just dove into the cement.  I rushed to him and picked him up.  Bless his heart!  He looked like he had just scrubbed the left side of his face on the driveway.  There were scrapes and some blood and lots of tears.  Of course, I think some of his tears were because I told him we had to go inside.  If you know Abel and his love for the outdoors, you completely understand that.

Once inside, he stopped crying (this kid is a bruiser with no drama--love it!), we cleaned it up and applied the cure-all that is Neosporin.  And with that, Abel was over it.  He was signing and asking for "outside!"  Really, little guy?!?  Do you remember wiping out face first into the driveway?  Are you sure?

So, without hesitation, we were back in the yard with the boys running and chasing each other and all is again right with the world.  Well, except for the "two-face" look that Abel will be sporting for the next few days!