Friday, September 2, 2011

As a homemaker, I have so many opportunities to make the decision to answer "yes" or "no" to the questions posed by my little ones (and the big ones, too).   Just a few examples...
  • "Can I have a moon pie?"  
  • "Can we play in the water table?"
  • "soos" (translation:  "Mama, will you put my shoes on my feet and take me outside, please?"  
  • "Will you take us to see the horses?"  
  • "Will you put the tent up?"  
  • "Can you play catch?"
  • "Wanna play men with me?"
  • "soos"...again
  • "Can I wear my Cubbies vest?"
  • "buh" (translation:  "Will you read this book to me, please?"
  • "Can we build with the couch cushions?"
  • "Can I serve myself?"
  • "soos"...yet, again
I really could go on and on, but I'll spare you.  

Disclaimer:  I feel that before I go, I must clarify that I don't believe  in being a "yes-man".  Of course, children need to learn to deal with the word "no".  And, certainly there are times when "no" is the right and only response to a child--"Can I play with the lighter?" or "Can I play tackle football with my baby brother?" are obviously answered with a firm "no."  

But, what about the "inconvenient questions"--the questions that would take more time, make a bigger mess, require MUCH more patience on my part, and/or simply would have me stop whatever grown-up activity I'm involved with to make it happen?  It's those questions that I'm addressing today.  Do I take the easy road?  Am I hesitant to say "yes" due to a selfish reason? I have to answer that?

I want my kiddos to have a mom that says, "yes!"  I want them to remember a childhood filled with happiness, messiness, fun, and adventure all involving their mom.   So, starting today, I'm going to say "yes!" and it's going to be fun.  Won't you join me and say, "yes," too?


Amy said...

YES!!! I say "absolutely, yes!" to joining you in this effort. I've been feeling the same prick from the HS as well. It's so hard to say yes, but it is so often associated with my selfishness.

Thank you so much for sharing your heart. What an incredible encouragement to know we're in this together!