Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Precious littlest one

Last night, Eli spent the night at Mema and PaPa's house with his sweet girl cousins and Jacob was back at his mom's for the week.  That left our littlest, Abel, as an only child for the night.  I had my Weight Watcher's meeting last night (down 38 pounds total) which gave Daddy and Abel some wonderful one-on-one time.  This morning, I ran errands and went to the library with my precious youngest boy.  Oh, how sweet that time was.  It is rare to have alone time with Abel.  He wakes up first, but shares a room with Eli, so both are usually up at the same time.  Abel is the first to bed at night.  His nap coincides with Eli's most days.  This morning was a blessing.  I was reminded of how much he is growing and how blessed I am to be his mama.  He is the happiest and friendliest toddler I have ever known.  I love watching him turn a stranger's frown to a smile with his wave and greeting.  I mean, who could resist this kid??

This morning, we sang and clapped; we read books and did fingerplays; we shopped and talked.  He brought joy to my busy world.  God has entrusted me with the responsibility of training this little one up and I pray daily that He leads me as I do His work.  I think it's just a bonus that this sweet little boy (and his two brothers) bless me daily as I answer His calling.


Amy said...

Aren't the one-on-one times such a blessing!? I was just thinking the other day when we were shopping how Annabelle will find the grumpiest person and will persist in waving to them and telling them hi in her sweet little southern drawl until they cave and say hi back and wave. What a way children have with people!

Mary Burnett said...

He is just adorable! So glad you had a nice day alone with him.

kshay1018 said...

Love it jennifer! Your children have GREAT names..... I was able to have Eli in Sunday School 2 Sunday's ago. He is an amazing little boy and will be a great football player! :) Eddie brought his football, so Chad decided to play a little ball with the kids that morning. Eli was a real athlete! :)