Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Schedule...what schedule?

Edited just a little from it's original content! :)

Being a stay-at-home mom is not an easy job. It's been eight weeks since little Eli arrived and I have quickly learned that the days of long stretches of uninterrupted time are history! Between juggling getting Jacob back and forth to school, playing with Eli(which is vital to his development and a priority for me), putting him down for naps, lulling him back to sleep when he wakes early from a nap, and feeding him, cooking dinner, helping with homework, and sports activities I am finding it difficult to get things done. I'm actually sitting here typing this while Eli is sitting in the bouncy seat beside me. Big thanks to my friend, Jen, for handing down the bouncy seat!! I'm splitting my time between talking and playing with Eli and composing this post, so if this sounds a little unfocused you'll know why! Don't get me wrong, Matt is an awesome husband and father and he steps right up to help with anything I can't get done! However, being who I am, I want to learn to do it all (or at least most of it), so he doesn't have to help quite so much!

I've always had a schedule at work and always carried a planner. That's just how I work and it's served me well! So, today I decided to sit down and design a flexible schedule--just a little something to help me stay on track with housework. As I sat down with a blank Excel spreadsheet to get started, Eli woke up early from his nap. So I pushed aside the dreams of a schedule and headed upstairs to attempt to lull him back to sleep. Sleep came easily, transitioning back to his crib did not. After three attempts and three wake ups, I resigned myself to just sitting in the rocking chair and holding him while he slept for the rest of his nap. I actually enjoy just holding and loving on him, so this was not a problem, but I did lose one of the few uninterrupted periods of time I actually do get. Following the nap it was feeding time, followed by some play and a diaper change and now here we sit. Hopefully, I'll get to that schedule soon enough.

For now, here's to all the SAHMs out there! I admire you all!

AND...if you have any advice on being a SAHM and handling all the responsibilities, please leave a comment!!


PaPa said...

I'm definitely not a SAHM but by now you need to realize, if you haven't already after you scrapped all your plans on February 25 and 26, that your days of adhering to a schedule are over. The Master Scheduler and Planner in your house weighs in at about 12 pounds and he likes to fly by the seat of his pants rather than a plan. Good Luck.


The Eckerts said...

Oh Jen, I feel like I could have written that post to the T! We have not had a schedule around this house for a while! Joseph doesn't do schedules :) His schedule changes with each new day. I can't keep up.

Just this past week I sat down and started to tackle the house chores. I made up a list of stuff I would attempt to do each day of the week.

Here is a copy of what it is. Some days chores are light and some are heavier depending on if I have something during my weekly schedule on that day or not. Here it is:

Morning Routine (before 10am)
Read daily Bible reading
Make bed
Get dressed for the day

Evening Routine (After Sam Goes to Bed)
Tidy up
Finish dishes
Make Andy’s lunch
Wash diapers

Laundry: linens, towels, clothes, Gamba’s sheets
BJ’s cage: change papers, wash dishes, clean branches, clean mirror
Sewing: mending and tailoring, quilting
Bathroom: toilet, sink, mirror, shower
Kitchen: floor, appliances, clean fridge, bleach sink, clean stovetop
Clean out cars, pick up Gamba’s poop

Just know that you are not alone in this. Every mother is going through this problem and it's a lot of live and learn. Time can be our friend, but most of the time it seems like our enemy! As long as we keep things into perspective, we will be fine. Our children need to always come first and we can get to that 'other stuff' later.

A tip for him sleeping. Not sure what you think about them taking naps on you, but Joseph DOES NOT sleep unless he is on me. I can very rarely put him down after he's fallen asleep and have him stay sleeping. He is in his wrap for his naps and he sleeps extremely soundly. I am not having to worry about him waking up early and rocking him back to sleep, etc. He is on me, so just me walking around doing chores puts him right back to sleep if he does wake up.

Sorry to write a book, but you can tell we're in this boat together.

The biggest advice I can give is as you wake up to start your day, commit it to the LORD. He knows how much you have on your plate, and he is just waiting for you to commit it all to him. Do everything as if you are doing it unto him and it will give you a joy in your work. Even if you get a fraction done that day compared to what you wanted to do, you did it for him!

Keep us posted on how things are going. If you find anything that works, let me know!

Anonymous said...

Jen, just treasure each day! If you get things done great and if not great. The things you don't get done will be right there tomorrow. This is your season as a mother to minister to Eli and Jacob. (This means things may or may not get done on time, your time anyway). This season will become easier with each week that passes and the children get older. You are doing a great job and I love watching you and Matt care for the boys! Both of you are just so comfortable with each other and the children. Just ask the Lord to guide your steps each day and time will multiply. If you give Him time He will give you all that you need and refresh your mind for the day!
I love you!