Monday, April 7, 2008


So, it's been Spring Break around here and Jacob and I decided to play a little board game while Eli caught a nap. I know we all wish so much more for our kids than we have! Well, if this game is indicative of what his future holds, then this kiddo is set!

I was beaten at the game of Life. I guess experience doesn't count!


Kathy said...

Love this picture of Jacob. He looks like a winner. Must have been Upward that helped him with that look. What a great program. We have been involved for 7 years. Daxton got to play for the first time this year. What a Hoot! I am enjoying the blog thanks.
Kathy Bowman

Anonymous said...

You go Jacob!!! You are the man! Had a great time with your visit this week-end. You boys always have a day of fun and I love to watch you play. I can say you do live life to the fullest each day. I am so proud that you are my grandson! See ya soon.