Tuesday, October 23, 2007

What's Going On?

Maybe you're wondering..."What have those Sloan people been up to recently??" I'll take a few minutes to fill you in.

  • Jacob's baseball team is in the single-elimination playoffs right now at Garner Baseball. They played last night and won! So, they play tonight against the number one team! Jacob has really improved this season and is consistently hitting the ball, getting on base, and scoring with the help of his teammates. He's been playing in the infield much more, too! The most improvement has been shown in his ability to play catcher! He does a great job in that position!

  • We learned yesterday that my brand-new vehicle (that I've only made one payment on) was counted as a total loss due to the accident I was in two weeks ago. So, off we go to buy another new car! I'm looking for the exact same vehicle-a Hyundai Tucson. It did such a great job holding up and keeping me safe in that accident.
  • Baby Sloan is pulling his shenanigans again. He has decided that he is most comfortable laying on my sciatic nerve. So, I'm experiencing some pain from this newest position he's chosen. I'm comfortable once I sit down and get still. Walking, turning, bending, and any unexpected moves may cause that sharp pain in my lower back, I never know. Oh, well!

  • Just for kicks...Baby Sloan is kicking!!! I LOVE IT!!! I first felt him about two weeks ago. At the time, I wasn't sure what it was (as most of you know, this is my first pregnancy). It felt like someone was blowing bubbles in my belly and they were popping. Now, I'm sure it's Baby Sloan. What a wonderful feeling!! I can't wait to see those little feet in February!

  • We're leaving Friday morning for a long weekend with Matt's family in Pennsylvania. It's always so nice to spend time with them and catch up. Jacob and his cousins really enjoy seeing each other and getting a chance to play together. Unfortunately, we don't see Matt's family as often as we'd like, so the time we do have together is such a blessing. This picture is just one example of the fun to be had when Pappy's around :)

So, that about sums up what's going on right now. Check back later for more exciting updates from the Sloan family!


Anonymous said...

Sorry to miss you this weekend. We didn't know you were coming in. Have a safe drive, enjoy the visit and the cool weather! Mary & Iain