Thursday, October 4, 2007

Pregnancy plights!

I've always enjoyed roller coasters, but I did NOT buy a ticket for the emotional one I'm on. Laughter and sobbing within the same 5 second span. No need to elaborate..for more information, ask Matt (and pray for him)!

Sleeping is becoming a chore-did I really just say that? There are pillows supporting my head, my belly, and my legs--which makes my six(teen) trips to the bathroom each night much more difficult. Did I mention that it's now right side or left side only? Baby boy has decided that he doesn't want me on my tummy anymore. I figure this is the first, but not last time, he dictates what I do! I'll never take sleeping on my back for granted again, I promise!

Is anybody else hot, or is it just me? Where's fall? Isn't it October? 90 degrees, really? God, is this a joke? I'm sweating in places that I didn't know made sweat!

Cankles! I've moved into Crocs (which I swore I would never do, as I don't like to follow the trend and/or jump on the wagon) because they allow room for the daily swelling of my feet and ankles, which is oh, so attractive!

Boy, my body is changing. But, I've decided the only thing getting smaller is my bladder!

Speaking of my body...let me tread gently on this one! Let's just say that my body is producing unwanted hair, fluids and gasses. Can someone assure me that things go back to normal after delivery?

Who knew that to a pregnant woman sitting in an office all day was a equivalent to running a marathon--both exhausting and not my idea of a great time! I can't wait for the clock to hit 4:30, which is quitting time (no offense to any employers/co-workers reading). My next favorite time of the day is 10:00pm. Which is officially my bedtime. But as Matt will tell you, I'm lucky to stay awake until then! Nothing worse than making it through 50 minutes of House only to doze off at 9:50 and miss the amazing diagnosis and cure!

So many pregnancy plights, but all in all it's SO worth it for this little miracle growing in my belly. I can't wait to meet him!


Samantha Dassler Barlow said...

Oh no! What is pregnancy doing to you? You are giving up all of your ethics - I can't believe you crossed the crocs line. I never knew that having kankles could hold so much power over a person. I wish I could wear maternity pants, but then people would ask me when I'm due and that would just tick me off. I love hearing about the ins and outs of being pregnant. I'm living vicariously through you. Poor Matt. Good luck with names, but please don't do a Mervin (as in my lucky husband, Richard) to baby Sloan.
Love you,

Anonymous said...

Well, Jen I'm hot!!! I am hot one minute and cold the next. Now you can appreciate the time I spent with the belly and the swollen ankles waiting for you. But you are right it is all worth it and you are proof of that! This too shall pass and we will have a wonderful baby boy to hold and love!!!
Love yoy all, Mama

Anonymous said...

This is getting exciting! you are only 20 weeks along and already showing signs of frustration. I can't wait until you really start to expand your horizons. POOR MATT.


The Eckerts said...

Haha, how cute. Pregnancy is such a gift, but sometimes it feels like a curse all at the same time. Strange how that works. Celebrate each and every milestone. It helps make it feel like it's going quicker :)

Anonymous said...

As your big sis, I hate to break it to you, but you have a looooooonnnng way to go! It's going to feel like an eternity, but it will fly by and you'll wonder, "Was it realy that bad?" Of course, Matt may not forget as quickly as you. Also, I want to know what man said, "you'd better get rest now because when the baby comes, you won't be able to sleep". Really! You can't sleep now as it is, due to discomfort,which will get worse as the pregnancy continues. At least when the baby comes, you'll be comfortable enough to sleep soundly when you can get to sleep. Just remember the final outcome...a precious gift from God that can't measure to anything else.