Friday, November 4, 2011

Praise with me? (Eli's step of faith)

As we were running errands Monday morning, Eli asked from the backseat, "Mama, will you praise with me?"  I assured him that I would love to praise with him and asked if he wanted to sing to God.  He looked a little confused (in my rearview mirror), so I asked him what he wanted to do.  He said, "What does praise mean?"  I explained how we can tell God how wonderful he is with our words, or our hands, or singing songs.   "Well, Mama, I want to ask Jesus to be my friend," he replied.  It caused me to pause a minute, but I told him that Jesus is our friend and reminded him that He loves us so much!  Then, Eli said, "Well, I want to ask him."  Without hesitation, he asked aloud, "Jesus, will you be my friend?"  Then he looked at me smiling and pointing to his chest, and told me, "Now, He's in my heart!"

Well, Praise God and WOW!!

Although we've talked about Jesus living in our hearts, we've never walked him through the "process" so to speak.  Since he's three and a half, which is quite young to understand salvation, I went to some church staff and leaders with this exciting news to hear their thoughts and advice.  It's such a blessing to be under their leadership and wisdom.  They were so helpful!

I'm so excited that Eli has taken this first step of faith and chosen to make his relationship with Christ his own.  His asking Jesus to be his friend is laying the foundation for his Christian walk.  As he gets older and his understanding of his sinful nature and need for a Savior expands, he may choose to re-commit his life to Christ and be baptized.  Until then, we will just continue to guide him as he grows in the Lord.

Giving God all the glory that this little guy made a new friend this week!
The best friend he could ever have!


Anonymous said...

I'm so touched by this most important decison that Eli has made! He has the most precious look on his face.
I pray God's blessings on his life and that God will protect and fill him with the peace that only He can provide!