Monday, November 7, 2011

One of those days!

Have you ever had one of those days?

This morning, I had all kinds of plans.  I even posted my scheduled productivity on Facebook.  Then, life happened.

I was awakened (on my day to "sleep in") to a crying baby who has a cold and had taken a spill, hitting the table.  We left home to run a few errands.  At the grocery store we picked up a few essentials.  When I dug in the diaper bag to grab my wallet to pay, I discovered it wasn't there.  Really?!?  Our next scheduled stop was the gas station, since our gas light was lit.  I scrounged up $4 in "emergency drink/snack" funds hidden in the van to avoid completely running out of gas.  Apparently, $4 doesn't make the gas light go off in a minivan!  UGH!!!  On the way home the kids fought over the balloon--yes, there was only one--we got from the grocery store.  While I put away the groceries and folded a load of clothes, the boys fought over the Nerf darts, the Nerf guns, who was touching who, and whatever little offense they could dream up.   While I vacuumed, there was strife over who got to push the toy vacuum.  We headed outside for a change of scenery and the sibling rivalry continued.  I attempted to clean out the van and bashed me head on the ceiling.  Give me a break!!!

Have you ever had one of those days?

I went to the bathroom (with the door open, of course, because I must be ready at any moment, even the most private ones, to step in and save the day) and tried to get a grip on things.  I sat there and felt sorry for myself.  I doubted my parenting ability.  I pondered what a failure I had been so far today.  Even as I heard the children starting in with each other again, I wondered if I could do it.  Oh boy, did I throw a pity party.

Then I felt that gentle nudge!  That reminder that I'm not doing this alone.  That reminder that I can't do this alone.  And, I gave it to Him.  "God, I can't do this.  They're really pushing my buttons.  I don't know what to do next.  I need You to help me!"  That peace that passes all understanding never ceases to amaze me.  The short-fuse, the frustration, the anger, the helplessness, the defeat was gone!  I stepped out of the bathroom refreshed and took on the rest of my morning, with my God by my side.  He's always with me.  I just have to pause and acknowledge His presence.  I have to stop trying to do it all by myself!  What a blessing to know that I'm not alone!

So, have you ever had one of those days?  Of course, we all have!  But, today I was reminded that I'm not struggling alone.  I don't have to walk around defeated.  I am a child of God!!  So, look out Monday afternoon, here WE come!


Anonymous said...

Now that's my girl! Now that's our Father's girl!
I love you {good little Mama},