Saturday, September 10, 2011

School Days-preschool edition

This past week, we embarked upon a new journey--homeschool preschool. Before my homemaking days, I taught preschool students on the autism spectrum.  Can I just say that I love the early years!?!  Toddler and preschool aged children are so excited about learning and discovering.  Their little minds are like sponges and their questions never cease.  I know the benefits of early education, so I really want to provide that for my children.  At this point, homeschool preschool is the best fit.

I am schooling in a very flexible manner.  Each weekday afternoon, we do a circle time with a story, the calendar activities, and a Bible memory verse.  Then, Eli does four workboxes at the table.  While Eli is working, Abel is playing with learning toys at the table, and I can be involved with both of them.  One of my favorite aspects of this setup is knowing that if we want to visit PaPa and Mema, or have a "field trip" to the park or Farmer's Market, then we just don't have school that day.  No big deal!

School got off to a great start this week.  Here are a few pictures from our first week of "school"!