Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Little Brothers

It's fall baseball time again and Jacob is back out on the field.  On game days, the little brothers anxiously await game-time.  Jacob gets geared up, we pack up the "little boy baseball stuff," load up in the van, and head on over to the baseball complex, where we meet up with Jacob's mom, stepdad, and his other siblings.  While we try to enjoy watching Jacob and his team play, the little brothers (all of them) attempt to distract us with their "games" and shenanigans--not to mention the little sister who tries to distract us with her unbelievable cuteness.  It is a bat-swinging, running and chasing, ball-throwing, lollipop-licking, rolling in the grass and dirt good time!!  Here are a few pictures that Jacob's mom captured on a recent game-night and shared with me!    Baseball and little brothers...a match made in heaven!


Wilbanks World said...

Lots of 'kids in the tub' for sure!