Thursday, September 29, 2011

Freely give

Last night, Jacob had SWAT (students with a testimony) at church.  I had choir practice.  Afterwards, we met up to head home together.  As he climbed into the van, I asked how his night was.  He excitedly said, "I sent a kid in Guatemala to camp!"  Since I wasn't quite sure what that meant--I mean I'm dealing with a tween here and sometimes it seems he is speaking a language I don't understand--I asked for some clarification.  He went on to tell me that Ps. Grant told them about children in Guatemala.  He explained that although going to camp here can be expensive, that it only costs about $25 to send a child in Guatemala to camp.  So, Jacob told me that he put $31 in the offering.  Sidenote:  The extra dollar was so his buddy, who didn't bring any money to church, could give, too!

Needless to say, I was very impressed with his choice to give.  However, rather than praising him and going on and on, I felt that this was an opportunity, so I pressed in.  I asked Jacob what made him give.  He responded that he "just felt like" he should.  Oh, the sweet Holy Spirit!  I explained to him that the gentle nudging he was feeling was the Holy Spirit moving, and that by giving, he was being obedient to God.  My heart was so full, knowing that to our Jacob, that $31 was a big sacrifice.  Yet, he willingly and obediently gave.  And, with the smile on his face, I know he gave with a cheerful heart!  I told him about God's promise to give back to us, to bless us, when we give to His kingdom.  Being the funny kiddo that he is, he responded with, "I just hope that blessing doesn't come as another little brother or sister!"  And, of course for a boy who has been blessed with one or the other for the past 4 years, I can't really blame him!  :)

It's an wonderful thing to watch your children grow in the Lord.  Nothing could have made me happier--not straight As, not a perfect ballgame.  Knowing his heart is tender to God's voice is simply too much for words.


Anonymous said...

I have been telling you that Jacob is a sweet, loving young man!
Love you all,