Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I guess deep frying is a love language around here!

When Jacob asked me if we could make donuts, my first thought was "why don't we head on over to the Dunkin' Donuts and just pick some up, instead!" But, his nine-year old persistence (which I now believe must be a superpower) had me Googling for a fast, easy donut recipe. Now, Google rarely fails me, but this time I walked away thinking that Dunkin' Donuts was sounding better and better.

The following weekend, over some poolside conversation with my S-I-L, Amanda, I mentioned the donuts that were becoming the bane of my existence and she had the answer to my troubles. "Biscuits!" she said. Biscuits??? Could it really be that easy?

Well, friends, on Thursday night Jacob and I headed into the kitchen to make the biscuit donuts and it was easy peasy! Basic steps are to get the basic Pillsbury buttermilk biscuits in the blue can (we used store brand, because we're cheap and they worked fine), peel them apart and cut out a hole. I let Jacob use a small circle fondant cutter that I happened to have in my baking drawer. Then drop them in some hot oil. Once browned, take them out and drain on a paper towel. You can top them with whatever you choose. Jacob wanted powdered sugar, but you could use a chocolate glaze or a plain glaze or sprinkles or cinnamon sugar or a flavored icing...sorry, I got carried away. Anyway, it was easy, it was fun, and they were YUM-O! Jacob liked the donut-making process so much that he suggested we open a donut shop. Good idea, except I'm not sure I want our financial situation resting in the hands of the deep-fried biscuit donut!

Anyway, here are some fun pictures of the whole process and my handsome kitchen helper!


Anonymous said...

What great looking donuts and what a talented cook! Jacob you need to be on "Ace of Cakes". What a great job and then you get to eat the goodies!
Love ya,

Dougherty Family said...

So glad you guys had fun. They look so yummy! I just may have to put biscuits on my grocery list. That is the way my Granny made them - great memories!