Monday, June 22, 2009

Nothing says love like fair food!

We spent Sunday afternoon celebrating Father's Day at my parents' house. Their pool provided some great fun in the sun. After much soaking, both in the water and in the rays, we headed inside for some dinner.

Dinner conversation turned to the days of my childhood when my dad made his own pickles. They were so yummy! That brought us around to one of the best memories of my childhood-- homemade funnel cakes--and my bright idea that we continue to celebrate Father's Day by relieving that memory and having my daddy slave over some hot oil so that his family could gorge on some tasty deep-fried dough covered in sweet powdered sugar.

So, Daddy pulled out his trusty, old Pennsylvania Dutch cookbook and set to work. I was so excited and my sister and I had the opportunity to help. That in itself was a thrill to me. I'd never been allowed to help with funnel cakes as a kid, so this was a privilege I'd long looked forward to!

I apologize that there is no picture of the final products, but they looked so good, that my mind was not in that "you-must-get-the-photo" blog mode, but rather in that "you-must-eat-the-funnel-cake" mode. I hope you all understand!


Anonymous said...

These are the things that life is made of! If people could only understand that love and family is what makes for a "rich" life...not the things that one can buy!!! I love having you guys... all of my children here to play and spread the memories and love! So take a little time for your families and love on each other!
Love you all,

Mary Burnett said...

Get that recipe and bring it to the lake! I know what a baker you are. I'm expecting something good. :-)