Thursday, June 11, 2009

Growing Up!

As of today, we are officially the proud parents of a 5th grader. Jacob finished up his fourth grade year yesterday. He excelled again on his report card and should be extremely proud of himself. We certainly are!

Matt and I were reminiscing recently over Jacob. Although I didn't birth him (thankfully, since he was a giant baby at birth, like Eli) I've known him since he was 2 1/2. He's come a long way! It's such a privilege to watch him grow and mature into a young man. Although he's not a fan of school--SIDEBAR: a teacher asked him once what his favorite thing about school was; his answer, "getting out"--he gets his work done and does it well. He's a smart cookie! I also just love witnessing the time Matt takes to teach him how to treat ladies with respect and act like a gentleman. And, I love even more when Jacob remembers those lessons and acts on them without reminders. He's growing up to be such a courteous and honorable young man, and it makes me proud to be his "bonus" mom (p.s. that links up to a great website I recently found about stepfamilies...I'm loving reading it)!

So, congratulations Jacob on a job well-done and welcome to the fifth grade! We love you!

BTW, isn't he handsome!?!


Anonymous said...

Yes he is a handsome young man and very ,very lucky to have you as a "bonus" mom..
Al and I are very glad to know that Jacob and of course Matt has you to love them and care for them..

Grandma and Pappy

Dougherty Family said...

He is an awesome young man! We are so proud of you, Jacob!! You rock!!
Aunt Amanda, Uncle Tom, Wooten, Anna Gracen & Christian

Anonymous said...

Jacob is his own person and I love that about him. He doesn't feel the need to follow anyone to be a better person and that is so neat...and yes he is a cutie!
We are honored to have him as a grandchild. Jacob, you make us all happy when you are around. I especially like that little dance that you did when we were at the beach in SC!!!
Love you Jake,
Mema and Papa