Wednesday, July 1, 2009

We are THAT family!

The other night, we made a spur of the moment decision to head out for some yummy sno-balls. Pelican's is one of our favorite treat destinations. We loaded up the car and headed down the road. At some point I looked back to check on Eli and realized that we forgot to put shoes on him. So, I told Matt that instead of eating out sno-balls alfresco at the picnic tables and benches and having our little one run around in his bare feet, Eli and I would just wait in the car while he got the goodies! Matt asked, "Why?" My response was that I didn't want to be that family. You know the ones. With the baby running around in his bare feet. With the mom who couldn't even remember to put shoes on the baby. That family! Then, I looked at his shirt. The man I was going to send out to the sno-ball stand to represent my family was wearing this shirt.

I guess it's official. We are THAT family!


Anonymous said...

How funny but who in this world cares! Life is good...we have to do what we have to do! Barefeet, gas, we all do the same things so relax and take a deep breath...nobody is really paying that much attention to us. We only think others are busy worring about our lives when actually nobody notices!!!!!
Have a terrific day guys!

Nicole Collins said...

That is great!!! We made it all the way into Chick Fila about two weeks ago when I realized Sean wasn't wearing any shoes. We went inside and pretended to not notice a thing. Sometimes it's good to be THAT family. It's during those times that you have the best memories!
Love the shirt! The shirt is what makes the story!!

Anonymous said...

That's ma boy!
Pappy Al