Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Whatta Weekend!

We had a weekend that was just chock full of fun and family!

PaPa and Matt spent the weekend tearing down our old deck and rebuilding a new, bigger deck. They did an awesome job despite the evil load of wood that jumped out of the truck in the middle of a busy intersection requiring my father to sit with half the wood on the side of the road while the other half was taken to be unloaded (I bet that was a sight to be seen...it seems we are dipping our toes into the redneck waters just a bit these days) and the smoking 90 degree heat. We now have the completed floor of a new deck. The rails will be up soon!! I am so grateful for hard working men. I can't wait to relax on the new deck with my family!

Since Mema and PaPa were here this weekend, instead of us travelling there, they brought the cousins with them. On Saturday, Josh came to play and then on Sunday, Wooten and Christian were here. Of course, not to be outdone, the girl cousins came with Mema and PaPa to Jacob's ball game last night! It was awesome for Jacob to have some playtime. Eli tried to keep up, too! Here's a picture of my hot and sweaty boys together.

Then, on Monday night we had a ball game. Jacob is really shining behind the plate. He works super hard back there and after the game on Monday night, he was singled him out for some words of praise. It was great to hear the coach giving Jake accolades for working hard whether the team is winning or losing. He's always out there giving his best! Way to go, buddy!


The Eckerts said...

Who would have thought it would have been so hot this past weekend! So glad they were able to get so much done on the deck. Just in time for the summer! Don't you love weekends with family? They are the best!

Dougherty Family said...

The kids loved visiting with you guys! Anna Gracen said Jacob did great! Wooten & Christian had a blast. Looking forward to seeing Eli this weekend. Happy Anniversary to you and Matt!!! Have a great get away!!
Love you,