Monday, April 13, 2009


Dear Thief-of-all-small-things-in-my-home,
I don't know who you are or how you do it, but please return them all. Sure, I should have a "home" for everything and return it there as soon as I've finished with it, but there's just not enough drawers and cabinets here--nor is there adequate time, what with the energizer bunny 13-month old I chase around play with all day. I wish I could blame it on the baby or the nine-year old, but that wouldn't be right so I'm choosing to blame it on YOU!

I could really use the camera to computer USB cord right now to get these awesome Spring Break/Easter pictures off my camera for all my blog readers to see, so if you don't mind, could you just bring that back to me just as soon as you can, that would be great! You can just leave it in the camera bag if you want to. I'm sure it was there when you swiped it anyway.

Thanks so much for you help with all this!

PS...If you also have the match to my favorite pair of socks, or the lip gloss I'm missing, you can leave those on my vanity!


The Eckerts said...

So cute!

Stuff goes missing in our house ALL the time and it's always our sneaky little Joseph putting it somewhere 'safe.'

Mary Burnett said...

Say a prayer to St. Anthony. He is the patron saint of lost thing. It might not work because you aren't Catholic but you can try. LOL :-)

Anonymous said...

All I can say is like mother like daughter! So sorry about the passing on of the worrisome genes!!!
Love to all,

PaPa said...

Based on the pictures at the top of your blog, it looks like Jacob has checked every tree in the neighborhood and hasn't found anything. And little Eli is saying he didn't have it and doesn't know where it might be.


Nicole Collins said...

Thought I'd share this story with you....lost my wallet yesterday. Couldn't find it anywhere. Went through every inch of my car and my house last night at 11:30. No luck. Couldn't find it anywhere. We thought I'd lost it or had it stolen at the park. This morning we were talking about it and Hunter informs us that he took my wallet out of my purse to hide it from the thieves that may come to our house at night. He hid it in the toy room.
I'll ask Hunter if he's seen your cord. :)