Thursday, April 16, 2009

In which we catch up without the benefit of photography

So, the USB cord and I are not yet reunited, so I'll just have to tell you about our busy, busy spring break and Easter.

Poor Jacob had a makeup day on Monday due to our snow days earlier this year. But, bless his heart, he survived the horror that is fourth grade for yet another day! Can you tell our boy doesn't really have my love for all things education?

On Tuesday, we bailed him out to visit some out-of-town family (Hey, Bowmans!) that was in-town. More than 20 of us gathered together, including 10 children ages thirteen and under. We took over Parker's Barbecue for lunch, because all good southerners know that you can't have a family get-together without some fried chicken, barbecue (which for you northerners is pulled pork in a vinegar base, not the red saucy stuff), and syrupy sweet tea! After lunch, we headed back to Mama and Daddy's house for some catching up. Matt escaped to the back room volunteered to rock Eli to sleep while us ladies hunkered down for a chit-chat marathon! It was GREAT!!

The rest of the week was just as fun with some board games, baseball, birthday party, and playing at the park (you just don't know how much I wanted the whole list to begin with "b"...I just love me some alliteration).

Easter weekend was fabulous. We worshipped on Saturday night and then headed off to dinner with our great neighbors, Adam and Janice. Here's a shameless plug for Adam, a certified master dog trainer, simply because he mentioned us on the website for his new business, Defined Obedience. Did I just do that? Oh, I did? Well if that's the case I guess this couldn't hurt: If you are with Sharpie, Coke Zero, or Burt's Bees, and want to send me your free products, I'd be glad to plug them since they are all my FAVORITE things!

Ok, sorry, where was I? Oh, dinner with Adam and Janice. We had some lovely Mexican food. Just out of it the norm for the Mexican restaurant to bring out saltines and cherries for the baby in place of chips and salsa. I'm not knocking it, cause Eli scarfed it down, but is that what all the Mexican restaurants do?

Anyway. I seem to be having trouble staying on topic tonight. For all three of you still reading, please accept my sincere apologies! I'll try to do better.

On Sunday we headed back to the big Wide-Awake Wilson for some ham, a hunt, and a haircut (and there's that alliteration I love). The egg hunt was the hit of the afternoon. The men hid 95 eggs filled with quarters and the kids had a blast finding them! After the hunt, Eli got his second haircut and we actually cut the length and curls. He looks more like a big boy, but I can't keep him a baby forever! We'll just have to have another baby to make up for it!

Speaking of babies, Jacob is a now big brother times two. His mom had a baby boy on Monday morning, so Jacob will be twice as busy with the entertaining of small children.

Overall, it was a great break, filled with fun times. If only there were pictures here to remember it by. Sigh!


Nicole Collins said...

You know your writing is good and descriptive that I could actually see these pictures including the curls!!!
Glad to hear you are all doing well!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jennifer,
Thanks for mentioning us on your blog. We did have a great time with all of you. Thanks for making the extra trip to "big Wide-Awake Wilson." Wish we could have been there for the egg hunt. Darby and Daxton went to one here in Charleston at the home of a lady who has been going all out every Good Friday for 25 years. The kids find way more than candy filled eggs. They get stuffed animals and the like. We had a wonderful Easter Sunday as well. Can't wait to see pictures of "big boy" Eli.
Love you guys,

Anonymous said...

The staying on "task or subject" is another one of the worrisome triats you inherited from your dear mom! Loved the visits and all the food!
See you all soon,